Programme of Exchanges in the Fields of Science, Education, Culture and Youth

I. Science
2. Education
3. Culture
4. Youth
5. General provisions
6. Final provisions

The Luxembourg—Slovene mixed commission based on the Agreement on Co-operation between the Government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in the Fields of Education, Culture and Science, signed on 24 April 1997 in Luxembourg
in order
to strengthen the links between their two countries in the fields
of science, culture, education and youth,
to contribute to the implementation of the Helsinki Final Act of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
and the Europe Agreement between the Republic of Slovenia
and the European Union and its members
has agreed upon the following programme for the years 2001-2004


Article 1 The Parties will strengthen their co-operation in the field of science. For this purpose, they will encourage joint scientific research, the edition of scientific studies, monographs and articles published by authors of both countries. They will promote direct co-operation between institutions and organisations of scientific research, including exchanges and visits of researchers and specialists, scientific research on the history and the culture of the other Party, the organisation of seminars and conferences to make the different aspects of the other Party's cultural and scientific heritage better known.

The Parties will strengthen their co-operation in the European research area, especially within the framework programmes of the research and technological development activities of the European Union.

The Luxembourg Party informs the Slovene Party of the possibility of exchanging scientists, experts and the results of their research, as well as of the possibility of organising joint research projects. Possible areas of research may include:

  • at the Public Research Center Gabriel-Lippmann at the University Center of Luxembourg  (Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel-Lippmann du Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg):

    • information technologies

    • environment technologies

    • biotechnologies

    • techniques of analysis and materials production

    • applied statistics

    • cognitive sciences

    • applied economy

    • commercial law

  • at the Public Research Center Henri-Tudor (Centre de Recherche Public Henri-Tudor):

    • environment technologies

    • industrial technologies

    • information and communication technologies

    • technological monitoring

  • at the Public Research Center for Health (Centre de Recherche Public de la Santé):

  • neuro-immunology and inflammation

    • retrovirology

    • fundamental immunology

The Slovene Party informs the Luxembourg Party about its readiness to sign a separate agreement on co-operation in the field of science as well as to regularly convene joint committees, in which future priorities in scientific exchanges would be defined. The Slovene Party also expresses its interest in implementing  regular public invitations for co-financing bilateral scientific–technological projects.

The Luxembourg Party welcomes this suggestion and is expecting the official proposal of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport  of the Republic of Slovenia.

Article 2 The Parties will exchange specialists and information in the fields of health-protection and healthy environment.

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Article 3 The Parties will strengthen and promote direct co-operation between respective authorities and educational and training institutions at all levels.

Article 4 The Slovene Party will offer the Luxembourg Party an annual amount of two (2) grants for post-graduate specialisation of nine (9) months each.

Article 5 The Luxembourg Party proposes to receive during this programme:

- one (1) Slovene student for the "Cycle court d'études supérieures en informatique et en gestion" at the University Center of Luxembourg (Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg) (  for the period  of two (2) years, the teaching language being French;

- one (1) Slovene student for a post-graduate study of "contentieux communautaire" (European law) at the University Centre of Luxembourg (Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg, ) for the period of two (2) years, the teaching language being French;

- one (1) Slovene student (technical baccalaureat) at the Higher Institute of Technology ("Institut supérieur de Technologie") for the period of three (3) years, the teaching languages being  French and/or German.

The Luxembourg Party will communicate information material on these offers.

Article 6 The Slovene Party will offer to the Luxembourg Party an annual amount of two (2) grants for the Summer School of the Slovene Language ("Poletna sola slovenskega jezika") for the duration of one (1) month each or four (4) grants for the duration of fourteen (14) days each. The summer school will be organized by the Centre for Slovene as a second or foreign language at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, ("Center za slovenscino kot drugi/tuji jezik na Filozofski fakulteti Univerze v Ljubljani") and is intended for the beginner students of Slovene language.

Article 7 The Luxembourg Party offers a total amount of three (3) annual grants for the duration of six (6) weeks each  at the Language Center ("Centre de Langues") in Luxembourg, for Slovene students and teachers, according to a programme of studies and practicalities to be defined by the respective ministries.

Article 8 During the duration of this Executive Programme, the Luxembourg Party will offer six (6) monthly grants for summer courses at

  • the International University Institute ("Institut Universitaire International"), the languages required being  French or English;

  • the European Circle for the Propagation of Arts ("Cercle européen pour la Propagation des Arts [CEPA]"); 

  • for international seminars on musical proficiency organised by the conservatories.

The Luxembourg Party will communicate information material on these offers.

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Article 9 The Luxembourg Party will offer the Slovene Party (4th and 5th year of university studies) each year a certain number of grants in the field of banking-training.

The practicalities concerning the number of participants and the duration of these seminars are established annually by the Ministry of Treasury of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, in co-operation with the organiser, the Banking Training Institute of Luxembourg – IFBL  ("Institut de Formation Bancaire de Luxembourg").

Contacts will be established through the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg which will transmit detailed information to the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia before the end of May preceding the new academic year.

Article 10 Every year, the Parties will receive two (2) experts for short stays in order to exchange experience with  new teaching methods (especially in languages). The exchanges will be based on direct co-operation between the interested institutions.

Article 11 The Parties will encourage direct co-operation between art schools in order to encourage the exchange of experience and the implementation of common artistic projects.

The Luxembourg Party shall provide information on the Association of Teachers of Fine Arts  ("Association des Professeurs d'Education Artistique") in Luxembourg which is interested in establishing direct contacts with similar Slovene associations.

The Parties will exchange a list of art schools interested in such contacts through diplomatic channels.

Article 12 The Parties will exchange the addresses of secondary schools interested in partnerships through diplomatic channels.

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Article 13 The Parties will encourage direct contacts between the institutions in the fields of arts and culture in order to promote the exchange of information on various aspects of cultural policies, management and new tendencies in cultural policies.

On the Luxembourg side, these institutions are:

  • the National Archives, Luxembourg: exchange of publications, access to archives, reception of researchers;

  • the National Library, Luxembourg: exchange of publications, access to archives, reception of researchers;

  • the Casino, Forum for Contemporary Art: contemporary artists in residence (cf. Manifesta 3);

  • the National Center for the Audiovisual: seminars on photography and film making;

  • the National Center for Literature;

  • the National Museum for History and Art;

  • the National Science Museum;

  • the Service for the National Heritage.

The list of the corresponding Slovene partner institutions will be sent to the Luxembourg Party in due time.

Article 14 The Luxembourg Party informs the Slovene Party of its historical cultural routes, the "Wenceslas" and the "Vauban" Routes which the Luxembourg Service for the National Heritage ("Service des Sites et Monuments nationaux") has set up in the City of Luxembourg.

The Parties express their interest in co-operation with the "European Institute for Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe", established in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg which organises different activities and seminars, and provides publications pertaining to cultural routes. The programme of co-operation will be established directly between the Institute and the corresponding partners in the Republic of Slovenia.

Article 15 The Luxembourg Party informs the Slovene Party of its projects of restoration or (re)construction of cultural facilities, as follows:

  • the Cultural Center Abbey of Neumünster, which will, inter alia, welcome artists in residence starting in Spring 2003 and organise seminars in the fields of culture and the economy;

  • the Museum of Modern Art Grand-Duke John which, during the period before the opening by the end of 2003, organises exhibitions and installations in the field of contemporary art:

  • the Museum of the Fortress which is scheduled to open by the end of 2003.

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Article 16 The Luxembourg Party informs the Slovene Party that the opening of the new concert hall with 1.500 seats is scheduled for June 2005. The Slovene Party offers to send the Luxembourg Party information material and provide experience on the "Congress and Cultural Centre - Cankarjev dom" (Kongresni in kulturni center – Cankarjev dom) in Ljubljana.

The Parties will discuss the possibility to organise a series of concerts of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Luxembourg ("Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg") in the Republic of Slovenia and a tour by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra ("Orkester Slovenske filharmonije") in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, on a reciprocal basis.

Article 17 The Luxembourg Party informs the Slovene Party that the Luxembourg Federation of Professional Theatres and the National Theatre of Luxembourg  expressed their interest in establishing direct contacts and in developing different forms of co-operation with the Slovene theatres.

Article 18 The Parties will encourage direct contacts between the artistic bodies of the respective countries and will promote their co-operation in the fields of music, fine arts, theatre, literature, translation of literary works, photography, film, as well as amateur art.

The Parties agree to exchange experience and information on legislation concerning free-lance professional artists' status and its regulations concerning performing artists.

Article 19 The Parties will discuss the possibility to exchange one historical, fine arts or architectural exhibition during the validity of this programme.

Article 20 The Parties will co-operate in the fields of identification, registration and protection of cultural goods of the other Party. Contacts will be established through diplomatic channels.

Article 21 The Parties will consult each other and exchange information on legislation and good practice in the field of the protection of cultural goods, with special attention dedicated to fight  illegal trafficking of works of art.

Article 22 The Parties will encourage contacts and co-operation between film makers and film institutions. The Luxembourg Party informs the Slovene Party of the activities of the National Film Fund  ("Fonds National de Soutien à la Production audiovisuelle") which favours international coproductions, especially with the help of the "tax-shelter regime".

The Slovene Party informs the Luxembourg Party of the existence of the Film Fund of the Republic of Slovenia ("Filmski sklad Republike Slovenije) as an adequate partner. 

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Article 23 The Parties will inform each other about their experience in the fields of museums, conservation and restoration of historic and artistic monuments of their national heritage.

Article 24 To facilitate the implementation of various cultural projects within this programme, the Parties will exchange experts every year for a total duration of fifteen (15) days.

Article 25 The Parties will do their best to develop the participation of artists, scientists and experts in congresses, conferences, symposia and other cultural or scientific international events.

Article 26 The Parties agree to exchange experience and information on cultural statistics and propose to exchange experts in order to promote co-operation within the EU-programmes.

Article 27 The Parties welcome the participation of Slovene diplomats and civil servants in the multilateral seminar organised in Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Brussels through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia on one side, and by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Ministries of Culture of the Republic of France and of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and the French Community Wallonia in Brussels, on the other side. These seminars which take place in the framework of the francophonie are presently identifying new possibilities for facilitating the tasks of the translators and interpreters within the framework of the European Union and the European Parliament. The Luxembourg Party shall communicate the details of this new initiative as soon as its practicalities shall be defined.

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Article 28 The Parties emphasise the importance for young people to realise that the knowledge of the history of the European nations  becomes one of the essential conditions for survival in a world which wishes to ban racism and prejudice of any kind. To this end, they support encounters of young people, the aim of which is to further human rights, cultural diversity, tolerance and non-violence.

Article 29 The Parties will promote direct contacts between organisations and movements of youth and will support and develop the mobility of the young.

Article 30 The Parties plan to exchange senior officials of youth organisations for a period of one week during this programme.

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The sending Party pays for the travel costs from capital to capital.

The receiving Party provides for the travel costs within  its territory.

Article 31 Exchange of Scholarship-holders

Before 31 March of every year, each Party communicates to the other Party its list of candidates for a grant, as well as a complete information file on every applicant. This file comprises:

  • the application form and a curriculum vitae,

  • a scientific curriculum,

  • a programme of research or studies (with an indication of organisations, institutions to be visited or attended, as well as an agenda),

  • whenever possible, a list of publications.

The receiving Party shall inform the sending Party of its decision before 1 July every year.

The Parties shall provide each other with their application forms.

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Article 32 Grants

The Luxembourg Party offers:

  • a monthly grant of 25.000.- LUF (€ 620),

  • free lodging facilities, whenever possible in a students' hostel,

  • free medical assistance in case of emergency.

The Slovene Party offers:

  • a grant in accordance with the regulations in force, including board and lodging,

  • free medical assistance in the state medical institutions and hospitals in case of emergency.

Article 33 Summer courses and short stays (less than one month)

The Luxembourg Party offers:

  • a grant of 1.500.- LUF (€ 38) a day, or 35.000.- LUF (€ 868) a month,

  • free lodging or an equivalent sum of money,

  • free medical assistance in case of emergency.

In accordance with the regulations in force, the Slovene Party offers:

  • free board and lodging,

  • free tuition (for summer courses).

Article 34 Exchange of artistic groups

The terms of such exchanges will be settled directly between the partners. The role of intermediaries can be assumed by the Ministries of Culture of the Parties.

Article 35 Exchange of exhibitions

Arrangements will be discussed and agreed upon on a case-by-case basis, and in general the following provisions will apply:

Responsibilities of the sending Party:

  • detailed proposals for exhibitions, including all technical data, should be submitted preferably  not later than twelve (12) months prior to the planned opening of the exhibition;

  • international transport to its first destination  in the receiving country and international transport from its last location to the country of origin or to another country;

  • insurance from door to door, nail to nail, transport included;

  • the material for the issue of a catalogue in the language(s) of the receiving country, (texts, photos, transparencies etc.), will be submitted six (6) months prior to the opening of the exhibition;

  • travel expenses for one (1) commissioner accompanying the exhibition to supervise the mounting and/or dismantling as well as packing and/or unpacking of the exhibits.

Responsibilities of the receiving Party:

  • providing  appropriate exhibition premises with the necessary security infrastructure (climatic conditions, guards, etc.);

  • providing the necessary staff for loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, mounting and dismantling of the exhibition;

  • printing of the catalogue, if necessary, and the posters and invitations;

  • organising general publicity as well as the opening ceremony for the exhibition;

  • accommodation expenses for an expert accompanying the exhibition and supervising the mounting and/or dismantling; the duration of any such visit will be agreed in advance;

  • providing the country of origin with copies of all material published in connection with the exhibition (catalogue, posters, invitations, reviews etc.).

In case of damage, the receiving Party will not proceed with the restoration of the works without the prior approval of the sending Party, and will supply all relevant documentation and assistance to enable the sending organisation to pursue any claim for compensation from the relevant insurance company.

Other conditions:

All other conditions shall be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

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Article 36 This Programme shall remain in force until a new Programme is approved. The date of the next meeting of the Parties shall be agreed upon through diplomatic channels.

Article 37 This Programme shall enter into force on the day when the Slovene Party informs the Luxembourg Party that all required conditions have been fulfilled and shall be temporarily applied as of the day of its signing.

Signed in Luxembourg on 28 May, 2001, in two original copies in English.

For the Government of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg For the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

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